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DigiLabels Inc. is perhaps the only fully digital printing company in Barbados. As its name suggests, the business specialises in designing and producing digital labels for a cross section of leading businesses in Barbados and the Caricom region. The company’s mission is to provide high quality print packaging solutions for their clients and to add value to their customers, shareholders and employees.

To achieve their goals, DigiLabels established five guiding principles by which they operate and measure their performance. They strive to offer quick turnaround times, as digital printing eliminates the need for flexographic printing plates. Printing can therefore be done faster and cheaper, even for multicolour labels. They produce high quality labels as they print at a higher resolution compared to other conventional printing processes. Hence, the colour is more vibrant and realistic, irrespective of the size and the quantity of the material. As a digital printer DigiLabels can produce relatively small quantities. This means that they can maximise short run label capability cost effectively, thus reducing overstocking and inventory carrying costs. The need to upgrade or redesign existing labels can be costly. Therefore, the ability to go from computer directly to print without the need for pre-press materials or printing plates enables design flexibility. DigiLabels aims at all times to maintain competitive pricing, which is also one of the company’s core values.

they both recognised that to
run an efficient operation
they needed to draw on the
experiences of other experts
to create the kind of business
model they were dreaming
of running.

DigiLabels is headed by Edzii Edinboro, the CEO, who has several years hands-on and managerial experience in the printing business. He is ably supported by his business partner and Chief Operations Officer, Fabiola Wong who is customer oriented and has over fourteen years experience in manufacturing and quality assurance testing. However, it would have been impossible to accomplish their goals and maintain high standards without utilising modern technology and without honing the technical competencies required to drive the enterprise towards new ways of doing business.

The company is completely modern in its focus, outlook and in its creative execution of every process. In fact, as creative director, Mr. Edinboro recalled that before DigiLabels was established, he spent time in Germany with experts in the printing field to learn how to maximise the technology. As a consequence of this high level exposure, the company can laminate, emboss, hot foil stamp – a technique used in scratch cards – and print UV labels. Hence, they can offer top quality products with superior finishes on virtually any substrate (surface) or material, including film, metallic, static cling and paper stocks.

But even with the creative energies and specialised knowledge Mr. Edinboro and his business partner have acquired, they both recognised that to run an efficient operation they needed to draw on the experiences of other experts to create the kind of business model they were dreaming of running. They consulted with Marjorie Riley St. John who gave them invaluable insights into how to run a fledgling company. They also sought the advice of Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd. who they acknowledge was 100% instrumental in helping them to achieve their objectives by offering prudent financial advice and “phenomenal support”.

Now with just two years behind them, DigiLabels prints self-adhesive and glue applied labels for the liquor, food and beverage, condiments, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemical and a number of other industries. Their printing technology is Green with Eco-friendly printing processes. The DigiLabels team has taken the “Green Pledge” to reduce toxic waste, recycle and use biodegradable materials whenever they can. They strive to conserve power consumption and to reduce the release of Hydro-carbons into the atmosphere by investing in energy efficient tools and equipment. Their entire plant is outfitted with LED lighting, they have installed invertor type A/C units and the Press is fitted with LED curing. They have promised to dispose of all waste safely and properly, and most importantly to build awareness about the environment. The company’s philosophy is “to strive for excellence and do whatever we do well.” What drives them is to know that a job done is done well and that their customers are happy. Mr. Edinboro stressed that “excellent customer service is what we aim to give.”

They use less space,
less power, less resources
and run a lean model.

A significant portion of DigiLabels products are made for the export market thus earning vital foreign exchange for the country. Additionally, by providing services for the local market, foreign exchange is conserved. This is a highly commendable achievement for a start-up company.

The CEO had a word of advice for young people who want to succeed as entrepreneurs: “You are a product of your environment but to succeed you must have a fighting spirit, expect no handouts and be extremely analytical.”

With many years of printing and sales experience in the industry to their credit, the management team at DigiLabels is confident that it can run a world class operation. Their challenge is to stay current and live up to their value proposition. It will not be easy. Nonetheless, with long hours of hard work, patience and dedication, DigiLabels is willing to try.

One thing that is striking at the plant is its pristine condition, there is a place for everything and keeping the plant safe and clean is a practice they embrace. The press is 100% digital. They use less space, less power, less resources and run a lean model. With their value systems constantly under review, they are happy that they are making a contribution not only to the industry but to the environment as a whole.